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ULOG logging tools are optimized and developed on the basis of the mature technologies of 530/580 series. It adopts ADSL cable transmission and Ethernet instrument bus. The instrument set is powered by 200V DC rectified output of the telemetry gamma. General and modularized network communication and power supply are employed to enable faster communication speed, better integration, shorter instrument set, more flexible logging combination and easier maintenance. It is able to access to various imaging logging tools and formation testers. Up to now, a number of instrument sets have been used in overseas logging services.

A full range of ULOG tools include conventional logging tools (acoustic, electric, and radioactive logging tools) and imaging instruments (electrical imaging, array induction, array lateral, and dipole acoustic imaging instruments). An instrument has an outer diameter of 89mm and is designed to work under the temperature of 175 and the pressure of 140Mpa.